Creative Circle (#4) - Taking Collective Climate Action (Past)

We support each other and co-create strategies to help humanity evolve through Donut Economics.

Welcome to the Creative Circle for Earth and Donut Economics!

  •  We come together on the first Sunday of each month, 12 noon EST on Zoom. 
  •  We are a monthly support group and global learning community.
  •  We acknowledge our Earth grief, heal our hearts, nurture our vision and our creative imagination. 
  •  We create a practice to feel inner-peace, love, happiness and good humor, while working for justice and sustainability. 
  •  We collaborate and co-create. Your hosts for the meeting on 3rd October are Sanford Hinden (Long Island) and Aman Walia (Amsterdam). 

In this event series, we create, collect and share learnings about how to work together on a global network-scale. To achieve this, we follow a step-by-step process and reflect on our experiences to incrementally re-define learnings and strategies. In the Creative Circle, we welcome everyone - and every part of everyone. 

In the third meeting, we experienced the Interactive Workshop - "Learning How To Work Together"  as a delightful success in an interplay of sharing and listening. The format recognises that individuals have various things to balance in their everyday life, and that we are required to demonstrate respect for the time and space of individuals, when communicating about the climate crisis.  Therefore, three levels of engagement have been defined to receive updates: 

  • Information Level (important climate action updates)
  • Knowledge Level (economic and psycho-social learnings) 
  • Scientific Level (exploring the evolution in science together)

In the fourth meeting of the Creative Circle we will build on this established foundation (to practice what we preach) and demonstrate what an ACTIONABLE update on the Information Level may look like. To harness the potential of such a meeting and facilitate a meaningful conversation, we have developed the following supportive format.

Interactive Workshop – "Taking Collective Climate Action" (Experimental)
03. October 2021, 12:00 - 13:30 (EST)
12:00 – 12:10h        Walk-in & Meditation Arrival

< 5 min each       First Pass (Check-in & Sharing)
                                - Personal check-in
                                - How am I feeling?
                                - What’s going on in your world that you would like to share?

10 min                   Presentation of concept: "Taking Collective Climate Action"

< 5 min each      Second Pass (Connecting to the Creative Circle) 
                                - How do I connect to the Creative Circle? 
                                - How do I connect to the Proposal for Collective Climate Action? 
                                - Would you like to share what you are seeking? (e.g. networking, knowledge sharing, collaborating, co-creation)
                                - Announcements, passing on information

~ 13:20 – 13:30h   Check Out

~ Follow-up + Collection of Feedback


We encourage you to join in accordance with your capacity and availability!

Love and peace,
Sandy & Aman




    Aman Walia over 2 years ago

    Hi dear friends of Earth :)

    If you'd like to join the meeting and are not yet in the e-mail loop, please follow the following meeting-link!

    Topic: Creative Circle #4 - Taking Collective Climate Action
    Time: Oct 3, 2021 12:00 – 13:00 EST (New York) / 18:00 – 19:30 CET (Amsterdam)


    Meeting ID: 860 4707 5135
    Passcode: 657338

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    Sanford Hinden over 2 years ago

    All Doughnuteers :) are welcome from around our world. Please pass this on to people working for Earth Care or Earth Justice, or concerned about nature, humanity and future generations. We create a monthly space on Zoom, the first Sunday of each month, to be supportive, and feel some inner-peace, connection and wellness.

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