Creative Circle (#6) - "Community Healing Circle" (Past)

We support each other and co-create strategies to help humanity evolve through Doughnut Economics.

Welcome to the Creative Circle ❤️

·  We come together on the first Sunday of each month, 12 noon EST on Zoom. 
·  We are a monthly support group and global learning community.
·  We acknowledge our Earth grief, heal our hearts, nurture our vision and our creative imagination.
·  We create a practice to feel inner-peace, love, happiness and good humor, while working for justice and sustainability.
·  We collaborate and co-create. Your facilitators for the meeting on 5th December are Sanford Hinden (Long Island) and Aman Walia (Amsterdam).

In the Creative Circle, we welcome everyone - and every part of everyone. Together, we have already been able to create valuable insights over the past five months. In the process of co-creating this safe-space, the Creative Circle has come to acknowledge the curious value of a shared and regenerative culture. 
In 6th gathering of the Creative Circle, we open a space and invite you to accompany us to check-in with each other and share our Earth grief. We remind ourselves that we are not alone, and recharge & receive energy to carry into the rest of the month.

"Community Healing Circle" 
Sunday, 05. December 2021, 12:00 – 13:30 (EST)
12:00 – 12:10h            Arrival & Meditation
up to 5 min each      First Pass
                                        - Personal check-in
                                        - How am I feeling?
                                        - What’s going on in your world that you would like to share?

up to 5 min each       Second Pass (Community Healing Circle) 
                                        - Sharing our earth grief
                                        - Exploring that we are not alone with our emotions
                                        - Aid: How does climate change make me feel?
13:20 – 13:30h            Check Out

Please feel free to join in accordance with your capacity and availability. For this, one can register with the link above and we'll be in touch 🙏
If you are not able to join this time, that is no problem and one can easily join the next time!

Regenerative Cultures Inspiration 

Love and peace,
Sandy & Aman




    tom abeles

    minneapolis, mn

    over half century working for change in HEI's.

    Jovita Rodrigues

    Sancoale Goa, India

    The Doughnut Economics makes sense to me and feel this is the way we can change our way of living. To me this is the answer!

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    Aman Walia over 2 years ago

    Link for spontaneous joiners!

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