Designers rethinking waste — Gentler Futures Festival* (Past)

An informal evening of ideas, talks and exchanges, exploring what it means to design today, what are the challenges that

An informal evening of ideas, talks and exchanges, exploring what it means to design today, what are the challenges that twenty-first century designers face and which legacy they hope to leave behind. Through the presentation of a series of inspiring case studies, in which guest makers, designers and architects are invited to share their stories and perspectives, we aim to pose questions, launch provocations and inspire new mindsets.

The theme of the first event, Designers rethinking waste, focuses on new approaches to product design, interior design and architecture. If we define as local material any resource available in large quantities in a certain area, shouldn't we start to consider waste as one? How can we design with what has already been designed—and used, and discarded? What is the role of recycling in making cities locally productive (again)? And how can a neighbourhood become self-sufficient by taking advantage of its own waste? Ultimately—can anything be really defined as waste?

About the program

18h00 —  Open doors

18h15 —  Introduction to the event
18h30 —  Urban paper recycling
                  POST PAPER STUDIO
19h00 —  Use and reuse of materials in product design
                  IRENA ÜBLER

19h30 —  Music, drinks and snacks

20h00 —  A platform for the circular economy
20h30 —  Material design for circular architecture

21h00 —  Music, drinks and snacks
21h30 —  Thank you for joining us

The event will be held in English.

About the talks

POST PAPER STUDIO is a series of recipes, tools and guidelines to allow anyone anywhere to transform paper waste into valuable design material. The low-tech nature of the project wants to turn the recycling practice from centralised and exclusive, to distributed and accessible, sparking a conversation around the efficiency of the current recycling system.

IRENA ÜBLER is an independent product designer, maker and material researcher based in Porto, Portugal. Creating unique design solutions for products, raising awareness of sustainable materials and exploring urban territories and creative culture with design.

NOVONOVO promotes and facilitates access to materials that retain the qualities necessary for their reuse. Apart from finding and supplying materials, and providing management and consulting services in product and interior design, Novonovo counts on the support of a network of professionals for the development of all phases of the project: design, production, and creation of products, spaces, and structures in situ.

MATTERPIECES is a strategy for buildings' circularity and an upcycling solution for demolition waste: waste-based materials for architecture and interior design. Matterpieces combines an old crafters' technique called terrazzo with a collaborative design process—a circular strategy that connects several industry actors to achieve the same goal in circular construction.

How to attend

The event is free to attend upon registration. While the venue is open for all, the Talks Room will have limited seats available which are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. You are welcome to join us on our patio at any time during the event—even just for a drink!

Mouraria Creative Hub
Travessa dos Lagares 1
1100-300 Lisbon

We are mindful of privacy rights and obligations under GDPR, therefore we would like to inform you that we are going to capture the event with photographs and/or video recordings. These will be used to share the event’s activities on our website and communication platforms, as well as in eventual articles or publications. If you wish for your image not to be used, we ask you to let us know during the event or by email.

About the organisers

BY THE END OF MAY is a research and design studio exploring the roles of manufacturing and crafts in creating a (non-linear), (post-consumerism) and (anti-alienation) economy.

Mouraria Creative Hub is the first business incubator in Lisbon that provides support to startups, projects and business ideas related to the creative and cultural industry, particularly in the areas of design, media, fashion, crafts and jewellery.

A Bairros is an active network of organisations and individual actors, which aims to contribute to the local development of Lisbon's neighbourhoods, collaborating in building active, cohesive and solidary communities. It assumes itself as an intermediary agent, focused on empowerment and sociocultural innovation.

Distributed Design acts as an exchange and networking hub for the emerging field of distributed design. The initiative, funded by the Creative Europe program, aims at developing and promoting the connection between designers, makers and emerging digital and local markets. Distributed Design's local activities are coordinated by the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon.





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