#donutfriday - tired of an unpalatable economy? (Past)

An alternative awareness campaign on Black Friday from French B Corps - the “best deal” is the D.E.A.L. !

#donutfriday* is an initiative of the French community of B Corp certified companies as an alternative awareness campaign on Black Friday.
Our aim is to present doughnut economics as the perfect foil to the destructive behavoir this commercial “shopping holiday” encourages around the world.

We want to let everyone know this year that the “best deal”is the D.E.A.L.!

The campaign consists of a short animation on the theme of "an unpalatable economy" ("une économie indigeste") that little by little floods the screen with falling doughnuts until it's jam-packed. We have also created a set of images explaining doughnut theory ("la theorie du donut") using direct quotes from both Kate Raworth and the French Ministry of the Environment, who chose the doughnut as an additional analytical framework in their 2019 Report on the State of the Environment.

Here is our "teaser video" :

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French B Corps who so wish can also add one or more personalized slides explaining the way in which they contribute to the doughnut trajectory. This campaign was entirely created by volunteers from the community, including the amazing creative contribution from 148 Agency - MERCI!

We have also created a website to support this campaign with additional resources (in French) : www.donutfriday.fr

PLEASE SHARE THE #DONUTFRIDAY CAMPAIGN - join us in flooding social networks with these little French “donuts” to help our societies converge thoughtfully within the social and planetary boundaries.

[NOTE] because the French gov’t has officially “postponed” Black Friday by one week due to confinement regulations, we will share #donutfriday starting on "everyone else's Black Friday"  - NOV 27TH - and keep it going for a whole week!

*the title of Kate's ground-breaking work was translated as "La Théorie du Donut" in French, and this spelling has dominated all subsequent discussions of her work




    Elizabeth Soubelet

    Verneuil-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France

    I am a true believer in Kate's work and the necessity of seeing the big picture for what it is; we must find balance to thrive!


    Mexicali, Baja California, México

    i administrate a sustainable project to address value on food products in my country.


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