Doughnut Economics for development NGOs

Exploring alternative economic approaches: Doughnut Economics for development NGOs.

Exploring alternative economic approaches: Doughnut Economics for development NGOs

NGOs know that the world needs to change if we are to both protect the planet and provide for its people. And this means new approaches to economic systems. Doughnut Economics has garnered interest across the world as a new compass for human prosperity in the 21st century, proposing ways to rethink economies in service of people and planet. In this webinar, experts from the Doughnut Economics Action Lab will present an overview of the concept and the way it is being put into action by businesses, governments, community organisations, advocates and beyond. Webinar participants will then jointly explore how development NGOs could make use of the concept and tools in their work - across programmes, research, advocacy, and campaigns. This webinar is free and open to anyone in NGOs curious about the concept of Doughnut Economics or keen to explore the role their organisations can play in creating a new economic approach that better serves humanity and the living world.

This webinar will be facilitated by Simon Starling (independent consultant) and Erinch Sahan (DEAL).

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    Erinch Sahan

    Oxford, England, United Kingdom

    To build the new economy and business models together with others - with ambition and intellectual honesty.


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