Doughnut for Urban Development (Manual): Online launch webinar (Past)

Join us to unpack the findings, core concepts and the toolkit for implementation in urban developments

About the webinar

Join the global launch of the new open source book: Doughnut for Urban Development: A Manual. You can access the book and all associated resources and tools online here

The event will be led by the two editors Dani Hill-Hansen and Kasper Guldager, and the DEAL team. The editors will share details about the Manual and how to use it in practice, and answer any questions from attendees. 

For the first time the Doughnut model has been applied at a sectoral level, resulting in Doughnut for Urban Development: A Manual, which presents the background, process, and findings of a collaborative research process between twenty co-authors and twenty contributing experts. 

The manual was created with the aim of providing developers and other building industry experts with knowledge that supports the application and practice of the Doughnut principles in urban development. It could be used by architects, planners, engineers, local government officers and others working on the design, planning and delivery of buildings. 

Doughnut for Urban Development takes a departure point in the original Doughnut, developed by British economist Kate Raworth in her pioneering work Doughnut Economics: 7 ways to think like a 21st century economist The Doughnut for social and planetary boundaries is made up of an inner ring, the social foundation which represents the minimum social standards required for human well-being, and an outer ring, the ecological ceiling which represents the ecological limits of the planet. Between these rings lies the doughnut-shaped safe and just space for humanity that is regenerative and distributive by design. 

 The manual was developed with a broad group of leading researchers and building industry practitioners, to make the latest research and innovation easily accessible to urban developers and building industry professionals alike.

Doughnut for Urban Development: A manual is edited by Dani Hill-Hansen and Kasper Guldager Jensen and co-created by cross-disciplinary experts from Aalborg University - BUILD, Danish Technical University, Doughnut Economic Action Lab, Green Building Council - Denmark, EFFEKT, Home.Earth, SLA, Sweco, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Vandkunsten.

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Once the webinar reaches the 500 people capacity, you may not be able to join the event on zoom, but the webinar will also be live-streamed and available for everyone on YouTube on this page here: 

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    Shak Gohir


    To build my network and connections with the DEAL community, to enhance my knowledge and accelerate project activities.

    Slavina Dimitrova


    Looking to leverage my experience in marketing and sustainability for driving change at scale through Doughnut Economics.

    Brian Dowling

    Hacienda Heights, California, United States of America

    Interest in applying Systems Thinking and Complex Adaptive Systems through heterodox economics.

    Simon Robinson

    Coventry UK

    Contribute where I can to development of solutions that reverse the enormity of consumption of our planets resources

    Cyrus Mbugua

    Nakuru, Kenya

    To learn about the Donut Economics Model and how to apply it to solve societal problems

    Revan Lim

    Sunway University, Subang Jaya

    Part of Ipoh Doughnut City Team, working to create the first doughnut city in Asia

    Caitlyn Socwell

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    American turned Australian turned Dutch Circular Sustainability Consultant on a mission to connect with the DEAL Community.


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