Doughnut Plus Chats (Past)

An in-person discussion group about Doughnut Economics and similar work - accessible for all via books or Ted Talks etc

A discussion group about Doughnut Economics and other books about climate and economy e.g. Jason Hickle, Naomi Klein... 
This group will be help about once a month at 3pm on a Saturday; it'll be for about 90mins-2hrs depending on the conversation. We're going to try the Teachers Club on Parnell Square for our first meeting. 
Anyone is welcome to come as regularly or irregularly as suits them. It is an inclusive group aiming to welcome different backgrounds and perspectives. Ideally people have read Doughnut Economics AND/OR watched the Ted Talks AND/OR reviewed the DEAL website AND/OR read the chapter summaries here  This way, even if someone just has 15mins to watch the Ted, we'll have have a good jumping off place.




    Dee Murphy

    Dublin, Ireland

    I hope getting involved in this community will lead to conversations which lead to actions which lead to results.

    Moze Jacobs

    Rossbrin, West Cork, Munster, Ireland

    Doughnut Economics - The best idea ever but needs to be 'translated' to local circumstances and that is what we are working on.


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