Establishing The Strettons Doughnut Action Group (Past)

Initial meeting of a new group aiming to Downscale the Doughnut in Church Stretton, Shropshire.

We are setting up a new group based in Church Stretton and the surrounding area to advance the ideas within Doughnut Economics and create practical approaches for how our community can adapt and thrive in the future. 

We are a small town in a rural county, but we have a healthy and vibrant community with many groups active across areas related to a Doughnut analysis. There is ample local creativity, experience and knowledge that can be harnessed to help bring this together into a holistic framework. The group is envisaged as action-focused and data-driven, and will aim to build alliances and public support to create a thriving future for our town and its current and future residents.

The meeting on 30 March will be an in-person meeting in Church Stretton . Just contact me if you are nearby and would like to attend.




    Steve Rooney

    Shropshire, UK

    The Doughnut is a wonderfully radical concept and I am keen to see how we can put it into practice in our community in Shropshire.

    Jovita Rodrigues

    Sancoale Goa, India

    The Doughnut Economics makes sense to me and feel this is the way we can change our way of living. To me this is the answer!

    Akihiro Hikita

    Yokohama, Japan

    I touched something having been looking for when I read the website.


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