Finding the Money Documentary Film screening at SOAS (Past)

Documentary film screening at SOAS University, 5pm Friday March 22 Khalili Lecture Theater of FINDING THE MONEY

FINDING THE MONEY follows an underdog group of economists on a mission to instigate a paradigm shift by flipping our understanding of the national debt, and the nature of money, upside down. The story we tell about money matters. With my own background in environmental studies and ecological economics I wanted to understand the economic roots and solutions to our crises. FINDING THE MONEY follows economist Stephanie Kelton on a journey through Modern Money Theory or MMT to unveil money not as the obstacle towards improving human and ecological well-being, but as the organizing tool we can use to shape our economies to thrive within planetary boundaries (the doughnut!).




    Maren Poitras


    I hope to use storytelling to connect alternative economic movements envisioning how to thrive within planetary boundaries


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