First public meeting (live) for local doughnut economy group (Past)

Launch & first publicly advertised meeting of the Ballydonut, a local group in a small village in West Cork, Ireland.

The Ballydonut is a fledgling doughnut economics group in the small West Cork village of Ballydehob in Ireland.
The West Cork Doughnut Economy Network is also involved as one of the co-founders lives nearby. 
There have been local meetings since the summer, always 'live'. This will be the first publicly advertised meeting.
Its aim is to meet and bring together more members of the local people, discuss the doughnut ideas, and introduce some 
of the projects we are working on, including upcycling workshops, environmental research, a skills and needs directory, an Academy for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Trying out the doughnut tools will also be discussed It's only the start ....




    Moze Jacobs

    Rossbrin, West Cork, Munster, Ireland

    Doughnut Economics - The best idea ever but needs to be 'translated' to local circumstances and that is what we are working on.


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