For ReGenerations: Framing our future with Doughnut Economics (Past)

Shaping our Filipino children’s future by going back to our roots with Doughnut Economics

Date: Saturday, July 31, 2021  
Time: 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM (Philippine Standard Time); 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM (British Summer Time / UTC+1)
Venue: Zoom 
Posted by: HABILIN and Archers for UNICEF 

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When resources are consumed beyond the limits of what the planet can provide, environmental disasters—climate crisis, pollution, and biodiversity loss—take place gradually, and then drastically. This, in turn, largely affects the minorities who experience the worst of climate disasters evident every year. It leads to the scarcity of basic needs, health, and livelihood for the marginalized, as well as a more uncertain future for the youth. 

For ReGenerations aims to help and explore how Filipinos can possibly downscale the framework in the Philippine context, Carlo Delantar, the Head of Circular Economy at Gobi Partners and a Circular Economy Pioneer at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Joining him is Skilty Labastilla, a development anthropologist and is currently a Team Leader of a toolkit preparation project for informal settlement communities (funded by the United Nations Development Programme), where he proposed the adoption of the Doughnut Economics Framework. 

Following the plenary are three breakout sessions that will delve deeper into the local application of doughnut economics through the lens of Climate, Community, and Commerce.

Jen Horn, a sustainability and mindful living advocate, founder of MUNI, and member of the Climate Coaching Alliance will be tackling how we could bridge the DE Mindset to climate solutions in the Climate Breakout Room.  

Leading the Community Breakout Room will be an Interdisciplinary Studies practitioner at the Ateneo de Manila University, Skilty Labastilla, whose discussion will revolved around customs, values, and policies for local DE adoption in the Philippines. 

Lastly, Kara Rosas, the Executive Director of Lokal Lab, a grassroots NGO based in Siargao Island, who has uplifted local communities through social enterprises, will be talking about the Commerce aspect of the framework.

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    Rob Shorter

    Oxford, England, United Kingdom

    Excited to explore & share inclusive, participatory & imaginative ways of bringing the Doughnut to life


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