Future Business Now (Past)

Reimagining Business for a Thriving Future

With great power comes great responsibility.

Businesses are superhuman. They have literally reshaped the planet!

But, hand on heart, can we say we're happy with the outcome? 

Are we proud of exterminating the species forced to exist alongside us? 

Of record levels of depression, anxiety and poor mental health?

Not to mention the waves of climate change we've unleashed.

This is the bitter harvest our degenerative and extractive economy has sown across the globe.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

We have in our hands the most powerful agents of transformation the Universe has ever known. 

Businesses could, and should, be incredible forces for good. We simply need to choose to use them as such.

This empowering, inspirational and purpose-driven session will help you start making that better future now.

We'll learn a little about Doughnut Economics, the approach David Attenborough calls "Our compass for the future", and consider how we're wielding our own superpowers.

This workshop is ideal for people in business who get the need for change but don't know how to start, and for everyone wondering what the fuss is about. 

The session will be led by Tim Frenneaux, a regenerative business designer, entrepreneur and collaborator with the Leeds Doughnut Economics Coalition.

Following a career as an economic strategist, culminating in England's first carbon-negative Local Industrial Strategy, Tim quit his successful career to run his own venture, Adventurous Ink, a regenerative business that helps people reconnect with themselves and nature.

He now helps people in other businesses to find their own meaning and purpose, creating a thriving future.

This session is just the beginning. Carry on towards a better future with a session in your business to generate transformational ideas inspired by Doughnut Economics. From there, move further onwards guided by the Future Business Now network of coaches, designers, and consultants, all leaders in their field of regenerative and redistributive development.

The future starts now!





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