Global Donut Day South Florida (Past)

We're celebrating Global Donut Day by participating online and joining in a follow-up walk and World Cafe dialogue.

This event takes place online AND in person. Details to follow

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We encourage South Floridians to join the newly formed South Florida Donut in celebrating Global Donut Day and learning about # doughnuteconomics hashtag_lookup:#doughnuteconomics. Discover what people around the world are doing to advance a wellbeing economy that leaves no one behind and is within planetary boundaries -- and join in an in-person dialogue to discuss what we can do here in South Florida.

We will begin with an online livestream event (1-4 pm), during which we'll hear from Doughnut Economic Action Lab founder Kate Raworth; we'll also connect with Doughnut Economics organizations from around the world to learn what they are doing in their own communities to advance this movement.

We'll have a break from 4-6:30 pm, and then reconnect at 6:30 pm in Little Havana and ideally in other locations in South Florida (TBD).

At 6:30 pm, we'll have a brief neighborhood walk (15 minutes) followed by a World Cafe-style dialogue (with creative supplies!) to discuss what we can do to help a Donut Economy flourish in South Florida. We will end at 8 pm (and hope to provide some food as well!) Details to follow ...



    Corinna Moebius

    Miami, FL (USA)

    Passionate about connecting people to people, place and planet in ways that are sustainable, ethical and eco-socially just.

    Akshay Kotha

    Phoenix, AZ, USA

    I want to build and promote the idea locally and globally.

    Prince J


    How can I apply regenerative and distributive thinking to US-based professional service organizations?


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