Governance and citizenship for transition (Cities for Change event) (Past)

The event explores Portuguese case studies on citizen participation for new models of governance and public space.

Governance and citizenship for transition: Case studies in Amsterdam and Portugal

The event aims at discussing Portuguese case studies on citizen participation for new models of governance and public space. The examples from Amsterdam will frame the discussion on an international scale. The event is part of the "Cities for Change" summit being led by Amsterdam City Council, whose kick-off event explored Doughnut Economics.

To participate in the event, go to the CFC event page, there you will find the Meet.Coop link, a cooperatively owned, open source  version of zoom. Event is on Tuesday the 8th of June, from 5-7pm Lisbon / London time (18-20h CEST / Amsterdam time). Event will be recorded and shared publicly after.  

  • Portuguese case studies:

Community Innovation Lab Barreiro Velho
The growing urbanisation and the consequent complexity of urban problems impose profound changes in the way the city is conceived, produced and managed. Experimental and collaborative environments are emerging, which promote the opening of innovation processes to the affected communities and see the citizen as an active agent in urban transformation.
In this context, the Community Innovation Laboratory (LABIC) was created in the city of Barreiro, with the aim of promoting citizen participation, collective learning and collaborative production of solutions that aim to improve common life in Barreiro Velho - a former centrality of the city, which has entered a process of decline in recent years.

Collective city - co-production and co-governance of urban commons
Maintenance and care are increasingly in focus when it comes to the city, and this leads us to look at its governance and the way it is produced. The city, understood as a collective phenomenon, has been the target of co-production and co-governance models, applied from tools created for the constitution and management of the urban commons.
The great changes that challenge us - climate change, democratic, housing and health crises, and growing social and economic inequality - require us to experiment with such models, enabling citizens to play an active role in decisions about the environment in which they live. 

- Speaker from Amsterdam (20min TBC)
- Carolina Cardoso + Moisés Rosa + Laura Sobral + Carol Farias (20min [5min pitches]) / PhD students at ISCTE

- Filipa Roseta / Architect and urban planner (housing specialist) + MP
- Augusto Sousa / Citizen from Barreiro + Project Bairros Saudáveis (Sustainable Neighbourhoods)
- Mónica Alfredo / Comm.Unity.Lab City Lab

- Duncan Crowley / Architect and climate activist + UrbanA + ECOLISE interim co-president + PhD student + Doughnut Economics Rede Portugal




    Duncan Crowley

    Lisbon, Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, Portugal

    Seeing how to learn with and help support communities make real change to a degrowth future, with lots of ADVENTURES

    Duncan Crowley almost 3 years ago

    Vid from our Portuguese #DoughnutEconomics network #Donut4PT event yesterday: Governance and citizenship for transition: case studies in Amsterdam and #Portugal.
    Although a bit of a messy start, it was a v stimulating #CitiesForChange event with @ISCTEIUL.

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    Duncan Crowley almost 3 years ago

    Revised detailed timetable (Lisbon time, GMT+1):

    17:00: Welcome and Intro: Duncan Crowley
    17:05: Welcome to + bit of CFC: Wouter Tebbens (Meet.Coop / CFC)
    17:10: Keynote: Jens Kimmel (Commons Network)
    17:20: Keynote: Laura Sobral + Carol Farias (BiPZip Lisbon)
    17:30: Keynote: Moisés Rosa (Labic Barreiro Velho)
    17:40: Roundtable:
    17:40: initial comments from Filipa Roseta (Architect, urban planner, Lisbon - National member of Portuguese Parliament)
    17:50: initial comments from Augusto Sousa (Barreiro Citizen + Bairros Saudáveis (Sustainable Neighbourhoods Project)
    18:00: open format discussion between roundtable guests and keynotes
    18:10: comments from Dieuwke Reuvers (Amsterdam FairBnB)
    18:20: Open Discussion
    18:30: Wrap-up: Duncan Crowley
    18:30: Invitation to carry on informal discussion (Not recorded)
    19:00: Session ends

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