Green Economy Conference: Speeding & Scaling Environmental Solutions (Past)

Interactive talks on how Planetary Boundaries, Doughnut Economics & Exponential Organizations are being used in cities.

Green Economy Conference, Monday November 13, on Global Doughnut Economics Day

Theme is Speeding and Scaling Environmental Solutions.

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We'll present interactive discussions on three ways to speed and scale eco solutions.
- Planetary Boundaries (alignment among  actions and physical metrics)
- Doughnut Economics (economies designed for people to thrive)
- Exponential Organizations (a disruptive approach bc business as usual won't cut it)
- Plans to act collaboratively with progress reports every 90-days

Audience is 'early adopters'  from all sectors of the community who are already engaged in climate activism and want to collaborate to be more effective.

Starts 9:00am and finish is 4:00pm, Pacific time.




    Greg Apodaca

    Los Angeles/Altadena

    I be came aware of the Planetary Boundaries model last year, then Read Earth for All and was introduces to Donut Economics.


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