Honoring the Earth Festival

An Earth Day Celebration of Regenerative Action

Her Many Voices, 7 Billion Presidents, Regens Unite and myself want to invite you to the Honoring the Earth Festival in Amsterdam for Earth Day 20/21 April. 

There are 3 main threads weaving the event together

  • What does indigenous wisdom have to tell us about  the everything crisis  happening all around us?
  • How might we kickstart a regenerative economy that ends extraction and solves for climate change?
  • Where is the cultural mycelium of regeneration already connecting things and how do we nurture it?

What I want/need from you nerds is…

1. Show up and vibe the vibe: we're about growing the cultural mycelium after all

The program still has some space left so please...
2. Offer an experience for folks: hands on, do a thing, make an artifact, play a game type vibe
3. Share Lore and Knowledge : come tell your story and offer pearls of wisdom to the baby nerds just entering the Regeneration game

The gathering is 💯 Peer-to-peer and community driven so I will be grateful for your gifts of…
4. Partnership: to grow the social proof of vibes and help us get the word out to the nerds you have social capital with
5. Time, attention, information, energy, relationships, labor, skills especially for Lorecraft: help us to tell the story about the movement!




    Jeremy Akers


    Hear to find the others, especially those in Amsterdam!


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