IDEN Virtual Cuppa - 18/01/2023 at 7:30pm (Past)

The Irish Doughnut Economics Network meets again! Engage with new groups, other members, new Irish doughnut thinking

For anyone who's curious about doughnut economics in Ireland, now and in the future.
Don't hesitate to be curious and ask questions.
Find other people in your area to engage with OR look at the topics and interests you have in common. We're in different parts of the country but meet up regularly to support and encourage each other and find out about existing and upcoming doughnut groups.
All-Ireland, all welcome!




    Moze Jacobs

    Rossbrin, West Cork, Munster, Ireland

    Doughnut Economics - The best idea ever but needs to be 'translated' to local circumstances and that is what we are working on.

    Alice Glendinning

    Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Munster, Ireland

    Studied Economics & Maths in college, which I never thought much about again. Read Doughnut Economics and had Eureka moment


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