Join the sensemaking community on UBI (Universal Basic Income) on Hunome (Past)

We welcome you to the next sensemaking session via Zoom on March 27

We invite thinkers and advocates with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds to deliberate and innovate on BI/UBI and social and welfare reforms, to build on what is already in the ‘UBI’ SparkMap on Hunome. Join in a rewarding non-linear way to deliberate on the possibilities and ways forward around basic income. 

Hunome offers a novel, innovative ‘social 4.0’ space to build shared understanding. It connects the dots between multidimensional thinking and helps see and build the systemic structure of basic income. 

To get the link to  the Zoom session, please register on Hunome. Then see what people interested in this thematic have built in previous online sessions and on their own time in the SparkMap, and add your thinking there:)

  • During the registration process, please specify “UBI” in the field ‘How did you hear about us’.
  • You will then receive the Zoom session link on the email you use to register to Hunome.
    Please note that the ‘add to calendar’ item at the end of this page only pencils it in for you but is not known to us.
  • If you have already registered let us know at hello (at) hunome (dot) com that you are interested in joining this session.
  • Once you have registered to Hunome you can go to the ‘Universal Basic Income (UBI)’ SparkMap where you can explore the multiple, multidimensional, and multidisciplinary perspectives there already are in the UBI SparkMap and add your thinking there even before this session (and after it) on your own time.





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