'Official' launch of West Cork Doughnut Economy Network (Past)

An inaugural & interactive zoom event to launch the West Cork Doughnut Economy Network (Republic of Ireland)

As a regional network, we are focused on connecting people and groups across West Cork, who are (or want to be) involved in fundamental change toward a healthier environment, thriving local communities, and the economies that serve those communities.
Among others, through the distribution of information and tools, conversations, and shared learning in order to find common ground when it comes to far-reaching changes.
The West Cork Doughnut Economy took form in April 2020 after two of the co-founders had read Kate's "Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist". Pennies started to drop! 
Around that time, there was a lot of publicity about 'Amsterdam going Doughnut', which made the whole concept more tangible. 
The original group of pro-active people was relatively small and spent a good while talking about a mission statement and how to proceed. Sometimes in  circles.  The 'birth of DEAL' in autumn 2020 gave a new impetus. As did the launch of the national DE network (IDEN), the growing climate (strike) movement, a mass lobbying of politicians, a series of webinars around Ireland that brought active people together (often in a 'doughnutty spirit'), and the emergence of new grassroots groups around the region. The Network has organised its own (closed) topical meetings and now is the time to 'go public' and be tested. Also as fledgling local groups are starting up.
The meeting will be interactive and co-creative and welcomes anyone with an interest in emerging doughnut economics groups.  




    Moze Jacobs

    Rossbrin, West Cork, Munster, Ireland

    Doughnut Economics - The best idea ever but needs to be 'translated' to local circumstances and that is what we are working on.

    Harald Huebner

    Ballyvoneen, The Municipal District of Clane — Maynoot...

    Too many questions and not enough answers. Listening, learning, sharing information!

    Désiré Leijs

    Abcoude, Utrecht, The Netherlands

    I'm very interested in helping communities, organizations and companies alligning their work more according to Doughnut principles


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