Redesigning the Game of Politics & Economics (Past)

Or Experience the Greed & Grief of Future Failed Fossil Fuel & Military States of . . .

*   We've been conned, scammed.  Our politics and economics are mad systems that create hyper-competitive, high-carbon addicts. They were not designed for our wellbeing.  These systems betrayed and abandoned humanity and Earth.  

*   Join us on March 19 for creative conversation and collaboration to redesign politics and economics to support wisdom and wellbeing on Earth.  

*   This will be the beginning of an ongoing collaboration. 

*   Tell your friends.  Play the game.  Find the leverage points.  Have some fun.😊

This is the document we will use.   Don't let it overwhelm you.  It is just the pieces of the puzzle collected so we don't forget.  

*   You can register here for free.




    Sanford Hinden

    Dix Hills, New York, United States of America

    I work to create political and economic transformation for wisdom and wellbeing on Earth.

    Rana Sajjad

    Lahore, Pakistan

    A lawyer with a keen interest in economics, teaching and policy, hoping to learn about and apply the DEAL principles.

    Emmanuel Campos


    Interest in circular economy and how to make my activities move toward it.

    Henri K

    Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Deutschland

    The Wish to connect multiple communites which are working for positive change to save our human civilization.

    David Yates

    Auckland, New Zealand

    I love the whole concept of Doughnut Economics and have a sense this type of thinking is a big piece of the solution jigsaw.

    Rachel Lyn Rumson

    Maine, USA

    I want to be in this space creating change with this model of economics and thriving in and with my community.


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