Slow Matter.s NYC — A Room of Our Own (Past)

Inspired by DE and the slow movement, this event is an invitation to rest and disconnect in the world's fastest city.

Rooted in the concept of taking it slow in the world’s fastest city, Slow Matter.s is hosting its first event by crafting a creative space (a gap of sorts) to disconnect from the attention economy and reengage with something else. This pop-up event in Prospect Park is about reclaiming our right to privacy, contemplation and rest. We will question what we perceive as being productive in today’s world by entering into an intimate time out of time experience.

Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own”, attendees enter a third space, A home of our own, that allows us to pause and embrace new possibilities beyond “the way things are.”

Spoken word & live music will guide you through a process of deep listening to your body as it relates to other and place. Patience and pleasure are how we dwell in new possibilities.

(Picnic blankets, art material & tea will be provided)

Your Hosts

Sofia Kavlin Castañeda(she / her) is a designer, mover and storyteller born in Toronto and raised in La Paz,Bolivia. Her approach is multi-modal; using poetry, storytelling and movement to invite people to embody new stories anchored in care for self, community and bioregion. She grounds her work in the Slow Movement, questioning the “need for speed and grind culture” in favor of a slower pace of living revolving around community and connection to place. She is conducting an independent study on somatic movement with Mary Abrams.

Camila Forero Samudio (she/her) is an architect, designer, and artist. Her work is nourished by three topics: what is hidden from us (normally social configurations), fictional realities as a means of critique, and the design of performative devices that reinvigorate communal practices. Born and raised in Colombia, magical realism inspires her worldview. Through utopian design, she renders tangible the possible futures we want to dwell in.

Guest Artist

Israeli-Canadian cellist and composer Daniel Hass has performed as a soloist and chamber musician across the US, Canada, and Europe, navigating a variety of contemporary genres as well as championing standard classical repertoire. He is a member of the Renaissance String Quartet, a New-York based ensemble led by renowned violinist Randall Goosby, and his compositions have been commissioned by the Glenn Gould Foundation, the Revolve Dance Project, and the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra.

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    Sofia Isabel Kavlin Castaneda

    Tel Aviv, מחוז תל אביב, Israel

    I designed a game called Seeds modelled after Doughnut Economics in order to pattern a new kind of behaviour and aspirations.


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