Step into the Doughnut - the Biodiversity Connection (Past)

A workshop and walk about doughnut economics and how it links in to biodiversity loss

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To connect them all, Raworth and her team set up the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL), which organises online meetings and co-creates tools that lets people experience 'doughnut thinking'. Not just with their heads, but also with their hearts, and even bodies. Using the Step into the Doughnut workshop which is a tool created by the DEAL team, the West Cork Doughnut Economy Network will help participants to experience the Doughnut, and more specifically, we will  focus on how biodiversity connects with doughnut economics.

The first part of the workshop, facilitated by Alice Glendinning and Moze Jacobs will be a relaxed and gentle exploration of "the doughnut", what it looks and feels like. There will also be a listening exercise and some group reflection, followed by an introduction to the fabulous biodiversity in Myross Wood and garden, led by ecologist Nikki Keeling. Next, a brief meet-up at Myross House to exchange ideas, observations, and to make connections and share a cup of tea. 

Free! The event will take place come rain or shine.

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    Alice Glendinning

    Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Munster, Ireland

    Studied Economics & Maths in college, which I never thought much about again. Read Doughnut Economics and had Eureka moment

    Rosana Rezende

    São Paula, SP - Brazil

    Collaboration is essential for charting a sustainable path forward. DEAL grows our hope for a regenerative world.


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