The South West Balancing Profit with Purpose Conference 2023 (Past)

This inspiring and purpose-packed conference will guide your business through the art of balancing profit with purpose f

An inspiring and purpose packed conference, Balancing Profit with Purpose brings together experts from a variety of backgrounds and businesses to show how sustainability and purpose can deliver positive impact on the environment and society, whilst also delivering profit, engagement with stakeholders and customers, and meaningful motivation and loyalty.

Absolute PR and Marketing, the award winning, South West employee-owned communications agency which specialises in building brands with purpose, is your host for this event with partners Valeport, Ocean Warrior, Future Shift, APG Architecture, Red Paddle Co, and South West Growth Service.

Why you should attend:

The keynote speech, delivered by renowned explorer Jim McNeill - recently returned from his latest purpose-led expedition to the high Arctic waters of Svalbard - promises to be gripping, informative and compelling.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to hear speakers from:

• leading communications agency Absolute PR and Marketing;

• specialist sustainability consultancy Future Shift;

• South West Growth Service;

• specialists in creating balance between places, people and the planet - APG Architecture;

• world leading SUP brand, Red Paddle Co.

Together they will provide a fascinating insight into how purpose has driven them; how sustainability has become central to the future of their business, and how making a positive difference to people and planet has been good for profit too.

Experts will talk about how Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) programs can help businesses attract investors, build customer loyalty and staff motivation, improve financial performance, make operations sustainable, and gain competitive edge.

Key take aways:

Delegates will gain an insight into how best to build, benchmark and communicate social governance in business.

The morning will be packed with insightful discussion and practical tips on how every business, no matter its size or profit, can become a force for good, having a positive influence on the environment, society, staff, stakeholders and customers.

Capped off with a lively panel discussion and Q&As, Balancing Profit with Purpose is set to be an entertaining and insightful event, not to be missed.

Helping good causes:

Any profits from the South West Balancing Profit with Purpose Conference will be donated to charity.

Speaker programme:


South West Growth Service: Chris Lorimer, Director, will open the session addressing the power of purpose; why businesses should be a force for good – not just for profit; why ESG is important, and the appeal of ‘doing the right thing for people and planet’ in the eyes of staff, stakeholders, investors, and customers.


Ocean Warrior: Jim McNeill, Explorer, will explain how purpose has driven his work, exploration, research, and citizen science expeditions over recent years.

Dedicated to measuring the pulse of the planet in extreme and remote environments, Ocean Warrior will spend the next 10 years taking scientists and citizen scientists on expeditions to the high Arctic waters – traveling 10,000 nautical miles each year to gather vital oceanographic scientific data about climate change and how the oceans, critical to our very existence, are faring.

Sailing to parts of the world where scientists seldom visit, if at all, Jim’s work, and that of his citizen scientists, will help to identify just how much carbon is stored in our oceans, and how this is impacting on acidification, as well as pollution and changes in biodiversity.

Recently returned from his maiden Ocean Warrior voyage to the Arctic waters of Svalbard, Jim’s keynote speech promises to be gripping, informative and compelling as he shares with delegates the discoveries of his latest expedition.

Future Shift: Tom Jackson, Director of the Bristol-based consultancy which redesigns sustainability for businesses, will explain Maslow’s boat from a business perspective, outlining how purpose and security are both essential to achieving potential. Combined with an insight into B Corp and client case studies showing how certification has helped align businesses behind a goal/mission, Tom will set the scene, explaining how profit and purpose can make for good bedfellows.

Absolute PR and Marketing: Ewan Davy, Account Director, will outline the essence of communicating ESG successfully – providing practical steps that corporates can take to communicate and benchmark their ESG progress and achievements without purpose-washing. Covering the importance of communicating with stakeholders, investors and staff to build engagement and motivation, here’s where you learn about making the most of your purpose pledge.

APG Architecture: Adam Parsons, Director. Sharing a passion for sustainability and regenerative design, APG will explain how integrating both into their business and their work has helped them to carve a clear niche, opening opportunities to work on some of the UK’s most inspirational projects. High-profile sustainability-driven projects that APG Architecture has worked on include The Wave in Bristol, where all activity aligned with The Wave's triple bottom line on sustainability: balancing social, environmental and economic requirements.

Red Paddle Co: Phil Hawthorne, Head of Design & ESG, will talk about communicating purpose and sustainability through design and manufacturing. He will explain how Red Paddle Co follow the approach of taking steps to be more responsible, what this means to them and how it has helped build their following.

Event timetable:

• 8.45am: Arrive

• 8.45-9.15 am: Coffee/tea and informal networking

• 9.20am: Intro – South West Growth Service

• 9.35am: Key-note speaker – Jim McNeill, Ocean Warrior

• 10.05am: Future Shift

• 10.35am: Coffee break

• 11.05am: Absolute PR and Marketing

• 11.35am: APG Architecture

• 12.05pm: Red Paddle Co

• 12.35pm: Panel discussion and Q&A session

• 1.00-2.00pm: Networking and lunch


Public parking is available just a short walk from Valeport at Victoria Street Car Park in Totnes, TQ9 5XA




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