The University without Walls  (Past)

An event part of “Envisioning the School of Organising” workshop series at Hanken School of Economics.

This event is highly relevant for doughnut economics. I forwarded this information with permission from the organisers.


Welcome to The University without Walls workshop with Professor Martin Parker (University of Bristol, UK), organised by RO as part of “Envisioning the School of Organising” workshop series at Hanken School of Economics. 


Date: March 21, 2024 at 10.00-13.00 (All times EET, UTC +2) 

Room: Auditorium A411 

Register here! The workshop is open to all. Please feel free to share this information with your networks. 


Background: In the fall of 2023 Hanken’s research area of strength Responsible Organising (RO) is organising a series of workshops under the heading “Envisioning the School of Organising”, posing a simple question: “How could we reimagine teaching, research and administration in a way that embody our deepest aspirations for human organising?”  


Workshop overview: Professor Martin Parker presents some thoughts about the implications of his book “Shut Down the Business School,” following this with a presentation of a paper titled “The University without Walls,” published in Learning and Teaching earlier this year. Parker’s concern is how the university might become more distributed, less concentrated in particular places and times, and more permeable to different sorts of interests. In order to do this, he has written a partly autobiographical reflection on an attempt to practice the work of the university differently. It is the story of a sort of “research institute” which is attempting to take the problems of its city region seriously and find ways to connect the resources of a large elite university to many other organisations in its locality. In theoretical terms, the article uses the idea of “social infrastructure” as a way of thinking about how an institution operates beyond its imagined temporal and spatial boundaries and co-produces with people who have different identities and capacities. 


Workshop participants at Hanken will then get a chance to engage with and debate Martin Parker’s thoughts. The questions addressed include (1) what could a Finnish business school “without walls” look like?, (2)what new ways of engaging with the community and society can we envision?, and (3)  what does this entail from us as academics? Participants are first encouraged to prepare ideas in small groups and then share and discuss them more generally. 


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    To learn about the Donut Economics Model and how to apply it to solve societal problems

    Slavina Dimitrova


    Looking to leverage my experience in marketing and sustainability for driving change at scale through Doughnut Economics.


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