Together we can... put Doughnut Economics into practice (Past)

A community-focused Doughnut Economics workshop as part of Transition Together's 'Together We Can' Summit

This event has now passed. You can watch the full recording here:

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From Transition Together 'Together We Can' Summit website:

How can we remodel our economy and society to meet the needs of all within the means of the living planet? The Doughnut may have the answer.

About this event

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This session is part of a ten-day Summit ‘Together We Can, featuring 30+ sessions to celebrate and super-charge community-led action. Check out the full programme here and if you want to attend more than one session, choose a Summit Ticket here instead, giving you access to the full programme, our online space and more.

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Together We Can … put Doughnut Economics into practice

Doughnut Economics has been called ‘economics for the 21st century’. It offers us a tasty framework to think about how our economy and society can meet the needs of all within the means of the living planet.

It moves our thinking beyond mainstream ideas and assumptions about what the economy is for and how it has to work, and offers new ways to think and design which are being increasingly adopted around the world, by communities, businesses, local and even national governments.

In the ‘What Next Summit’ last year we heard from its creator, Kate Raworth. This time we’ll be hearing from people around the world who are putting it into practice in their communities.

Presented by Rob Shorter of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab, we’ll hear Daniel Blyden and Kavita Purohit from Civic Square in Birmingham who will tell us about the highly creative participatory Doughnut practices they’ve created. Jane Brady from the Devon Doughnut Collective will share their approach to creating a network of people working towards a Doughnut for Devon. Barbara Goffin will add a broader perspective from Brussels. If you’re interested in Doughnut Economics, and want the very latest on its evolution, don’t miss this session!

Rob Shorter leads DEAL's work with communities of place and purpose that are drawing on the concepts of Doughnut Economics to respond to social and ecological crises. As part of his work, Rob creates playful methods to engage with Doughnut Economics that invite people to think and relate in ways that help open up new economic possibilities. Rob is most interested in ways in which everyone can contribute to reimagining the Economy, and as part of his Masters at Schumacher College, he created an Imagination Sundial for teachers, designers and facilitators to intentionally cultivate the collective imagination.

Jane Brady is a founding member of the Bioregional Learning Centre (BLC) which envisages a flourishing, resilient bioregion where everyone is inspired to find purpose and care for the ecology, economy and culture of the place. The Centre convenes the Devon Doughnut Collective, working together in practical and imaginative ways, to explore how citizens can more effectively look after their natural assets, regenerate regional systems for food, water, energy and waste and enjoy life. Jane’s background in design has helped bring creativity to the process of creatively establish the ‘Devon Doughnut’ as a useful and relevant approach in their local context.

Daniel Blyden is a designer/design activist and facilitator based in Birmingham who is interested in exploring the role designers can play in leading change around complex social challenges. With a background in visual design for communications, Daniel uses design theory to help organisations and communities create playful spaces and cultures where everyone can participate in decision making and shaping the world around them. As a co-founder and Director of Design at CIVIC SQUARE, Daniel is currently focused on creating the conditions, spaces and platforms for residents to participate in action and learning that enable us to transition to a regenerative economy at neighbourhood scale.

Kavita Purohit qualified and trained as an environmental process engineer and has worked for TATA Steel Europe on industrial air quality management, waste storage, environmental auditing, energy efficiency and industrial decarbonisation, where Kavita was nominated as the company Future Leaders Group representative for the South Wales Industrial Cluster. Kavita recently transitioned away from industry and now works as a Doughnut Economics researcher at CIVICSQUARE, working on building the data portrait of Ladywood & the Neighbourhood Science programme.

Barbara Goffin has a degree in business management and has a varied background ranging from the private sector to the NGO sector with more than 10 years at Fairtrade Belgium. Her areas of expertise are in fair trade, sustainable food, global supply chains (food and textile) and project management. Barbara has recently joined Confluences and is now adding a new string to her bow by diving into the delicious adventure of the Donut in Brussels.

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This event is brought to you by Transition Together, which supports and connects Transition groups in England and Wales. It is part of our ten-day online Summit, Together We Can, designed to nurture, build and inspire individuals and groups working in their communities to rebuild and reimagine our world.

We're offering all Summit sessions for free to make it as inclusive and accessible as possible. If you are able and find value in this event, please do contribute a donation when you book. Money raised will go directly to making future Transition Together work more inclusive.

Together We Can and the hosting organisation Transition Together are supported by The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK. We are grateful to The National Lottery Community Fund and Lottery players for the funding that makes this project possible.
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    Rob Shorter

    Oxford, England, United Kingdom

    Excited to explore & share inclusive, participatory & imaginative ways of bringing the Doughnut to life

    Rodolfo Pereira

    Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

    Life is too short and the Doughnut is the way to go ;)

    Eva Marina Valencia Leñero

    Mexico City, Mexico

    Building sustainability transitions, by downscaling the doughnut with new methodological tools and implementation projects.

    Moze Jacobs

    Rossbrin, West Cork, Munster, Ireland

    Doughnut Economics - The best idea ever but needs to be 'translated' to local circumstances and that is what we are working on.

    Sam Schikowitz

    Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

    I'm very interested in how we can live together sustainably on the planet, and DEAL is looking at this in a very useful way.

    Douglas Greenwell

    Wandsworth, England, United Kingdom

    Great interest in Doughnut Economics and how it could be the long-term answer to address climate & sustainability issues

    Rodolfo Pereira about 2 years ago

    I was able to register put it says it was yesterday and not today :-I

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    Rodolfo Pereira about 2 years ago

    I didn't see that we had to register on eventbrite before. Is there any posibilty to have the link to access the event?

    0 1
    Rob Shorter about 2 years ago

    Hi Rodolfo, I'm sorry for the confusion. You can access the recording here:

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