Universal Asset Generation Through The Doughnut (Past)

Sociologist Ruth Benedict said, "Societies flourish when virtue pays." Let's reward meeting human and Earth's needs...

Sociologist Ruth Benedict said, "Societies flourish when virtue pays."

Can we create a system of social credits that lead to assets for virtuous behavior that help people, society and nature flourish?

In this system, all people gain in wealth through Doughnut Economics.

Can we design a system the gives credits for Improving the Social Foundation (meeting human needs) and Improving the Ecological Ceiling (meeting Earth's needs)? 

We can communicate with people locally and globally to create a learning community around this topic.

We can meet on Zoom every few weeks.  Let's explore World Wealth Assets for All in the Doughnut.... : )

You can see what we have so far here: 

You can register here:




    Sanford Hinden

    Dix Hills, New York, United States of America

    I work to create political and economic transformation for wisdom and wellbeing on Earth.

    Karina Olavarria

    Lo Barnechea, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile

    Quiero aprender sobre este sistema, porque me gustaría que en mi ciudad se repliquen estas ideas.

    Kevin Shea

    Baiting Hollow, Calverton, New York, United States of ...

    Becoming effective altruistic, seeking to participate in politics of belonging, and doughnut economics


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