WEAll Talk: When business meets the Doughnut (Past)

DEAL's Business & Enterprise Lead, Erinch Sahan, discusses transforming the deep design of business.

When business meets the Doughnut

To meet the needs of all people within the means of the living planet, Doughnut Economics poses some big challenges for businesses. The business world will need to embrace bold and ambitious solutions that are both regenerative and distributive.

To make this possible, we will need to transform the deep design of business: its purpose and networks, how it is governed and owned and the nature of its relationship with finance.

This talk by DEAL's Business & Enterprise lead, Erinch Sahan, and hosted by the Wellbeing Economic Alliance (WEAll) will explore ideas and models for achieving the needed transformations in business to help humanity into the Doughnut.

How to join

📅 When: October 27, 2022 @ 2PM (UTC)
🌍 Where: This is a free online event hosted on Zoom
📝 How: Please register in advance using this Zoom registration link.




    Karn Bianco

    Scotland, United Kingdom

    I'm DEAL's Digital Platform Lead; working to make this the finest Community Platform you've ever visited. 🌞

    Rodolfo Pereira

    Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

    Life is too short and the Doughnut is the way to go ;)

    Angela Alfaro

    Nantes, Pays-de-la-Loire, Francia

    My current job in "La Chaire Performance Globale Multicapitaux"

    Julia Winslow

    Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

    I'm a PhD student researching sustainability transitions, curious about how the doughnut economy is being applied in real places.

    cristina sarris

    Athènes, Αττική, Grèce

    I wish to promote the Doughnut Economics framework in Greece to explore its applicability at the public and business sectors.

    Molly Dunn

    Barcelona, Spain

    LGBTQ content creator and communications professional building community with doughnut-minded people.

    Gianluca Gatti over 1 year ago

    The meeting has reached 100 participants, unable to join...

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    Francesco Marongiu over 1 year ago

    it happened to me as well! 

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    Mark Minneboo over 1 year ago

    Unfortunately I can´t make it tomorrow, will it be recorded and available somewehere to watch afterwards?

    0 0
    Estie Boshoff over 1 year ago

    I can unfortunately no longer attend this session tomorrow. Will you be uploading it onto YouTube? because I really want to give it a watch.

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    Alex Pielaet over 1 year ago

    Looking forward to this! I also shared it with any 'entrepreneur' in my network that I could think of.

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