Amsterdam bet its post-Covid recovery on ‘doughnut’ economics — more cities are now following suit

In an article posted on March 25, 2021, CNBC explore how more and more cities around the world - starting with Amsterdam - are using the ideas of Doughnut Economics shape their post-COVID recoveries.

"It would be very good news for so many people if a successful Doughnut in Amsterdam means that other cities, countries and institutions will start using the theory" said Marieke van Doorninck, Deputy Mayor of the City of Amsterdam

Following Amsterdam’s Doughnut announcement, policymakers in Copenhagen, Denmark voted for the Doughnut, Brussels embraced it, and the Canadian city of Nanaimo voted to follow suit last December. And many more cities have joined in since.

You can read the full article here.

Image via CNBC - serts | E+ | Getty Images

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