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The DEAL Community Platform (this website) recently celebrated it's first anniversary and we, the DEAL Team, used that milestone to kick off a retrospective process and take a holistic look at the platform; what's been going well, and where there's room for improvement.

You might recall that, back in March, we launched the DEAL Community Platform Development Hub - a space for members of the DEAL Community to help shape the design and ongoing development of the DEAL Community Platform.

Based on the community's ongoing feedback, we've recently updated the Platform Development Hub with a collection of new feature proposals, as well as an updated list of the broad areas of exploration within which we're looking to make improvements.

We've also added a short questionnaire which we've designed to help us get an deeper understanding of the DEAL Community's various goals, needs, current issues, and ideas or hopes for the future.

Whether you'd like to offer insights into a specific feature proposal, or just offer general feedback via the questionnaire (or both!), we hope there's something for everyone that wants to get involved in this ongoing co-creation process.

If you might also be interested in participating in some further user research - by participating in interviews with the DEAL Team, for example - you can register your interest for that via the questionnaire, too.

We're planning to make some big updates to the platform in 2022 and we greatly appreciate any insights you can offer that can help us continue to build a platform that empowers everyone to put the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice. Thank you!

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