Copenhagen explores aiming for the Doughnut

June 2020. The city council of Copenhagen votes to draw up a plan for what it would mean to live within the Doughnut

On 24 June 2020, Copenhagen's city council - the Borgerrepræsentationen (BR) or Citizens' Representation - voted by a large majority (50-4) to draw up a propositional plan, before the end of the year, for managing Copenhagen's economy according to the Donut model. Their decision came just one month after the publication of Amsterdam's City Doughnut and official adoption of the model, and was clearly inspired by it, as noted in the BR Members Proposal.

Read the full story in Information (in Danish / English)

In this webinar, Copenhagen City Council representative Fanny Broholm explains how such strong support for the Donut model was built across diverse political parties (her presentation starts at 54mins 53 seconds).





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