DEAL’s business tool available in French, German, Portuguese & Spanish

DEAL’s business tool & accompanying paper have now been translated into French, German, Portuguese & Spanish

DEAL is excited to announce the publication of the French, German, Portuguese and Spanish translations of the Doughnut Design for Business core tool as well as the accompanying paper. You can access the translations via this folder (available in Google Slides and PDF).  You can also access the translations via the core tool page.

What's been translated

The core tool is a complete guide to running a workshop with and within businesses, and sets out how businesses can engage with Doughnut Economics. It focuses on how businesses will need to transform their deep design to enable the regenerative and distributive ideas for helping humanity into the Doughnut. And DEAL’s accompanying What Doughnut Economics Means for Business paper (co-authored with Centre for Economic Transformation, HvA) includes important details on the relevant core concepts with examples from businesses.

Using the translations

If you work in a businesses that operate in these languages, you are invited to use the tool for internal reflection. If you work with other businesses (e.g. as a consultant or business network), you are invited to complete our Public Declaration form to declare your work and organisation is values-aligned before using these translations (as with using any of DEAL’s tools) with your clients. Please note the do’s and don’ts in the tool for using the tool and communicating publicly about the association of businesses with the tool and Doughnut Economics.

Other notes

A few additional notes about the translations:

  • CORRECTIONS: These are official DEAL translations of the Doughnut Design for Business core tool and accompanying paper, and we have taken great care to ensure the translation is of the highest quality. However, if you notice any errors that need correcting, please do let DEAL know via the contact page by selecting the Business and Enterprise theme.
  • VERSION: These are translations of the initial version of the tool, as launched in November 2022. There have been a few minor updates in the English version since then that are not reflected in the translations. 
  • CANVASES: The slides contain all the activities in the translated language, but the activity canvases link to the English versions. Across the translated versions 

We hope the translation is helpful for all the change-makers working with and within companies around the world!




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