Doughnut Economics in the deep design of business

Why is regenerative and distributive enterprise design the next frontier for business?

DEAL's work on Regenerative and Distributive Enterprise Design is taking shape. But why is DEAL focusing on the deep design of business?

We have written a new article to further explore the idea of embedding regenerative and distributive goals in the deep design of business. You can read the full article here.

To get humanity into the Doughnut, we need businesses of all shapes and sizes to embrace regenerative practices such as zero-waste production and embracing the circular economy. We also need businesses to embrace distributive practices in order to share value and opportunity much more equitably with all those who create it. To enable and unlock these transformations in how businesses behave, we are promoting transformations in the deep design of businesses.

The design of an enterprise shapes its priorities, how it engages with its surroundings and navigates decisions, who has power and voice when it comes to making decisions and where it invests and channels its profits. If we can reshape the design of business to pursue regenerative and distributive goals, we can accelerate the uptake of these practices across the business world. This can support and reinforce the valuable work of people across the business world who are also trying to drive such transformations in business. This is why DEAL is focusing on supporting and catalysing innovations in the way business is designed.

Read the full article here




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