New ways to adapt the Doughnut Design for Business tool

The Doughnut Design for Business tool has been updated with an annex that helps facilitators to adapt their workshops

The Doughnut Design for Business tool keeps evolving to allow registered facilitators to adapt their workshops. New ways to run Doughnut Design for Business workshops are now articulated in a newly published 'Annex E' in the core tool, and soon to be published in the taster tool also. Annex E in the tool:

  • Shares new ways activities could be introduced differently for different contexts
  • Makes explicit the invitation to add activities and other concepts that address things the tool doesn't cover (e.g. participant preparation, energiser activities, follow-up and implementation planning)
  • Provides new options to to mix-and-match activities between the core and taster versions of the tool, and to introduce additional concepts
  • For start-ups, it includes new slides for running the workshop activities (e.g. for start-ups there is now tailored language for activity slides, and a way to switch in activities from the taster tool)

The ideas and options for adapting Doughnut Design for Business workshops comes from the emerging community of practice that is running these workshops around the world. 

Organisations who are able to engage with businesses on Doughnut Economics can be found here (find this icon '🌎'  for the map view).

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