Read a new chapter in Doughnut Economics!

A 2022 Afterword has now been added to the 2017 book.

When Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist was first published in 2017, people around the world started putting the book's ideas into practice - in community groups and town councils, in classrooms and boardrooms and in their homes.

That brilliant determination to turn radical economic ideas into irresistible practice is why we founded DEAL. We are blown away everyday by the creativity of the DEAL community, and love learning alongside others what it takes to turn ideas like these into transformative action at the speed and scale that these times demand.

Five years after the book's publication, we thought it a good moment to add new reflections into its story and message - so Kate Raworth has written a short new chapter at the end of the book, Afterword: Doughnut Economics in Action.

This updated edition of the book, published in the UK by Penguin Random House, has just been released and is widely available in bookshops and online (look for 'With a New Afterword' at the foot of the cover). We hope that the Afterword will also be incorporated into many translated editions of the book in future.

In the spirit of expanding the commons, we are delighted to share the new Afterword here with all in the DEAL community, in recognition that the story that it tells is the result of Big Team Work - based on the initiatives of amazing change-makers worldwide - and in celebration of all that we have so far collectively achieved. 

You can download, read and share the 2022 Afterword here.




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