Sectors, Industries and the Doughnut: Gaining Insights to Your Needs

Worked or are working on an initiative applying Doughnut Economics to an industry or sector? We want to hear from you!

There is a growing interest from governments, researchers and other civil society actors in utilising Doughnut Economics in sectors, and we also see different initiatives and questions emerging in sectors like healthcare, tourism, textiles, housing, transport, education, sports, festivals and others.

Although we don’t have the capacity to provide dedicated support to all those endeavours, we are keen to learn from you about any past or ongoing initiative or project that applies Doughnut Economics to sectors and industries. This will help us understand how best to support this area of growing interest, such as developing sector-focused guidelines, connecting partners who are working on similar topics/sectors, and developing additional tools if needed.

To this end, we at DEAL have brought on board our long-term collaborator and senior expert in Doughnut Economics, Ilektra Kouloumpi, to help us advance this work. Ilektra will conduct a series of interviews to understand what is already happening on the ground and the challenges and opportunities in utilising Doughnut Economics for sector-focused initiatives/projects.

If you worked or are working on an initiative or project applying Doughnut Economics to an industry or sector, please fill in the brief online form




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