Women's Equality Party adopts Doughnut Economics

The UK's Women's Equality Party is the first political party to make Doughnut Economics their official policy

The UK's Women's Equality Party has voted overwhelmingly to put Doughnut Economics at the heart of its policies.

During the party conference, held online 15-18 October 2020, the party's Deputy Leader, Tabitha Morton, proposed a motion entitled 'Reimagining the UK Economic and Political System'.

The motion included the proposal to 'use the ‘Doughnut model’ of economics to assess every budget and initiative at all levels of UK government, from Westminster through to Parish Councils'. 

The motion's rationale further explains why:

'The Doughnut model of economics provides a framework of assessment that means policy decisions are taken based on two key factors: reaching the UN’s sustainable development goals (which explicitly include gender equality); and maintaining the ecological integrity of the planet. This provides a tangible and consistent way for every level of government to assess the gender impact of their policies, and justifies making decisions on that basis rather than through the narrow and unimaginative lens of old-school economics. WE have developed and will present a UK tailored and gendered version of the doughnut model for use by our elected officials.'

The motion was adopted overwhelmingly, backed by 99% of members' votes.

In Tabitha's own words: 

"If there’s one other thing that the pandemic has achieved, it is exposing the lie that action isn’t possible. We know now how quickly our society can change. Now we must refuse to accept that the changes we need cannot be made. 

My motion to the Women’s Equality Party was overwhelmingly voted through. Doughnut economics will be at the heart of our policies from now on and we hope that other parties follow our lead. But this doesn’t have to come from the top down. 

The City of Amsterdam has adopted doughnut economics too, proving that you don’t have to take a whole country with you to make a change; local authorities and organisations across the UK could do this themselves. Together we will become a movement, campaigning for a caring economy where all can thrive.

Our economy and our society has been sick. Now, it turns out that (for once) a doughnut is the healthy choice."

Kate Raworth added her support for the party's adoption of Doughnut Economics. "There is fast-rising awareness worldwide that it's time for a new economic starting point - and it now needs to be made central to 21st century policymaking", she said, "It’s excellent news that the Women’s Equality Party have voted with such a clear majority to bring the goals and principles of Doughnut Economics to the heart of their policies - I hope this will inspire political parties across the UK and worldwide to follow their lead.”

Read the party's full motion supporting Doughnut Economics.

Read Tabitha Morton's write up of why the Women's Equality Party has adopted this motion.





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