Tool & Story Versioning

Add version numbers to help keep track of updates to tools and stories.

Last Updated: 19/03/2024 - This idea is currently on hold pending further input.


Currently, tools and stories uploaded to the platform can optionally include a version number in their text description, but this is not consistent or easily searchable. It is therefore difficult to tell at a glance whether a tool or story has been recently updated, and if it has, whether that update was a major update (e.g. a  significant content change) or a minor one (e.g. fixing a typo or tweaking some wording).

What is the essence of this suggestion/idea?

Add a version number and associated date to tools and stories, and create guidelines for the versioning system, i.e. what constitutes a major vs minor update, and how should that be reflected in the version number? This system might include:

  • A searchable log of changes to accompany each major version increase
  • Ability to associate comments/feedback with specific versions
  • Displaying a version number in a consistent place (not just in the main body)

What are the potential benefits of this suggestion/idea?

A consistent versioning system would allow users to keep track of when and why tools and stories have been updated. It could also help clarify feedback from the community when it is clear which version the feedback applies to, and which changes were made. 

Who would benefit from this suggestion/idea?

Anyone who has used a tool or story and would be interested in knowing about changes to it over time, as well as anyone interested in how a tool or story has developed over time and what lessons can be drawn from its evolution.


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