See the Doughnut Action Networks Area of Exploration for background on giving networks (formerly known as 'local groups') visibility on the DEAL Community Platform.

What is the essence of this suggestion/idea?

To introduce a public profile for Doughnut Action Networks, similar to what individual members already have. This profile could include contact information, social media links, a location (to also allow the profile to appear on the DEAL Community Map), and relevant Tools, Stories and Events.

Members of the DEAL Community could then 'join' a network directly via the platform, in addition to finding information on how and when the network meets up and how to get further involved.

What are the potential benefits of this suggestion/idea?

To help recognise all the great work being done by Doughnut Action Networks and make it easier for new members to get involved.

Who would benefit from this suggestion/idea?

Doughnut Action Network members as well as other members of the community who are looking to get involved with a network, perhaps in their local area, but do not currently have an easy way of discovering them.

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