RSS Feed(s)

One or more RSS feeds for new events, news items, events, tools, and stories.

Last Updated: 19/03/2024

Separate RSS Feeds are now available for tools, stories, news and events. Subscribe at

Sam Rossiter about 1 month ago

Nice, thanks I've added it to the newsfeed of the Transition Network platform

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Sam Rossiter 7 months ago

Did this ever happen?

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Karn Bianco 7 months ago

RSS feeds are now available, yes! See:

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Désiré Leijs over 3 years ago

🙌 Nice idea. I would like an RSS feed that includes new tools, new events and news off course.

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Sebastian Wolf Siebzehnrübl over 3 years ago

What are the (technical) implications of this great idea?

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Karn Bianco over 3 years ago

Limited technical implications in this case! The main question is whether the RSS feed(s) should be designed purely for use in external tools, or should it/they be visible in the platform? And would the related Activity Feed suggestion, if implemented, remove the need for showing the RSS feed(s) in the platform?

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