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A day celebrating local action and global connection through Doughnut Economics


Barcelona City Council launches a Doughnut Portrait project to guide action towards a safe and just future for the city.


More and more cities are embracing a Doughnut-shaped economic model to help recover from the coronavirus crisis.


BRUZZ delves into how Brussels residents are putting the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice

TIME magazine looks at how Amsterdam and other cities are using the Doughnut to rebuild post-COVID.

University of Leeds researchers propose four Doughnut-inspired strategies for the UK to recover from the Covid-19 crisis

In his new book, Pope Francis cites Doughnut Economics as fresh thinking on the economy


Michael D. Higgins calls for making the Doughnut humanity's overriding goal

The UK's Women's Equality Party is the first political party to make Doughnut Economics their official policy

Attenborough's new book presents the Doughnut as the compass for the future


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