Using doughnut economics as a pathway to thriving

The "Doughnut Theory" of pro-social economics, founded by Oxford Economist Kate Raworth, is the conceptual framework we need to build a world in which people and planet Earth can thrive in balance. It offers a compass for guiding 21st century Prosperity. Both Seeds and LocalScale use the Doughnut framework as a conceptual foundation for their respective platforms. See the full article at




    Natalie Hold

    Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom

    To meet a community to learn with, share with and take action with.

    Sílvia de Sousa

    Full Sutton, England, United Kingdom

    Orthodox Economics (BLARGH!) + Environmental Economics (HUM?) + Social Policy (Nearly!) = Holistic (MAYBE!) => Doughnuts (HURRAH!)

    John Burton

    South Burlington, Vermont, United States of America

    I have enjoyed the Donut Economy book and agree with this way of viewing our current economy.

    Jeremy Melder

    Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

    I am interested in exploring the doughnut economy approach for my community in Northern NSW Australia


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