TIME Magazine 1 Feb 2021 special issue on Countdown 2030 - Why 2030? That is the year by which the U.N.’s sustainable-development goals—targets on equality, poverty, health, growth & sustainability—will be met or missed. Adopted in a rare moment of global consensus by every member state of the U.N., these SDGs have become key benchmarks for commitments by policymakers & business leaders alike. By 2030, we will know whether we’re on the path toward a better planet. This is a shared enterprise, in which we all have a role to play, with opportunities for our readers to participate.3600 days sounds like a lot. It’s roughly the number remaining until the year 2030 draws to a close & with it, a decade likely to determine whether the planet will remain fit for human habitation. The search for a path to a sustainable & equitable world has already begun & we will spend many of the days ahead marking its progress.Bold steps toward a sustainable world: fake meat, doughnut cities, a democracy- friendly Internet, plus ideas from Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, José Andrés & more in page 65..

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