Doughnut Principles of Practice

A PDF of the Doughnut Principles of Practice ready to print

Version 1.0 (September 2020)


DEAL has developed a set of principles to guide our own evolution and our choice of collaborations. We ask that these principles are placed at the heart of any project and initiative that aims to put the ideas of Doughnut Economics into practice.

Doughnut Principles of Practice





    Rob Ward


    The intention to practise Doughnut Economics

    Katherine Cunningham

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

    Worker coop start up with a DEAL toolbox feels amazing.

    Denise Taylor

    Rugby, UK

    Our mission is to support as many companies as we can to embed sustainability into their business.

    Alice Peperell

    Bristol, England, United Kingdom

    Eager to learn, connect and shape a DE-focused future benefiting people and planet

    Rob Hart

    Aldershot, England, United Kingdom

    I am a sustainability professional looking to drive climate action in my local community.


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