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We as  the Aktionsnetzwerk Wachstumswende Thüringen, a small group of civil society actors working on social-ecological transformations in Thuringia, Germany, have now decided to actually put the donut on the agenda for the state parliament election campaign in Thuringia in summer and autumn 2021. We are currently working on a completely new kind of 'election test' (so called Wahlprüfsteine) - the indicators of the donut will be translated into concrete questions and projects at the state level, on which the parties and voter associations will then take a position. The result will be published and may help the voters in their political/transformative orientation.
The aim is twofold: to make the post-growth vision more tangible and understandable at the state level and to pave the way for the next state parliament of Thuringia to strive for and implement comprehensive donut monitoring in the coming years.

Do you know of initiatives that 
a) have already implemented something similar (in Germany or elsewhere) or 
b) comparable sub-state entities like states or federal states (Wales?) from whose experiences we could learn?

Thanks in advance for getting in touch.

Mail: anton.brokow-loga@uni-weimar.de
Twitter: https://twitter.com/abrokowloga
    Dominique Berthier

    Hello Anton,
    I'm also wondering how this scenario to push Doughnuts to election could be a good lever helping to implement a roadmap to "move back inside the doughnuts"
    We will have soon local (regional) election in France, it could be a way to start to implement this strategy (perhaps already too late for these elections). I'm interested to keep contact and to follow what you are doing in this area.

    7 months ago

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