Amsterdam Donut Day 2023

On November 13th Amsterdam celebrated her third Donut Festival. This year we were joined by the worldwide community!

Who we are

Welcome to the Amsterdam Donut Coalition! We are a dynamic network of change agents, thrilled to have come together again this year on November 13th, 2023, for the third edition of Amsterdam Donut Day—an event that celebrates collaboration, innovation, and progress towards a thriving city within the ecological boundaries and fostering a fair social foundation.

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Amsterdam Donut Day Recap 2023

This year's Donut Day was a spectacular collaboration among various doughnut pioneers, resulting in a day filled with 15 Donut Day sessions spread across seven unique locations. Each session, with its own network of dedicated partners, contributed to advancing Amsterdam closer to the doughnut. 

Throughout the city, initiators, dreamers, and doers show, following this years theme ‘seeing is believing’, how they are already putting Doughnut Economy into practice, aimed at establishing a city that respects ecological limits and promotes social equity—a city within the doughnut framework.

Amsterdam Donut Day Programme 2023

Amstedam Donut Day 2023 was not only a day filled with energy but also one of action and perseverance. As a coalition, we reinforced the notion that we are stronger together, expanding our impact last year beyond the city center into south-east and new-west and now even further with the Global Donut Day to the world. Drawing inspiration from Amsterdam's initiative, over 30 cities joined us in celebrating the inaugural Global Donut Day! With this widespread participation, the outlook for the Donut year ahead appears incredibly promising.

Global Donut Day opening from Amsterdam

Donut & food

In Noord a design session was conducted with food initiatives, social entrepreneurs, companies, and the municipality to outline a multi-year food program in the North. The initiative involves local chefs preparing nutritious meals using surplus ingredients while also educating and involving local residents in adopting healthier cooking practices.

Donut & Food in North Amsterdam

Donut & Community

At the Green Hub, we had a multitude of sessions. In the opening session, for example, attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Donut experience by physically stepping into and interacting with the Donut. The metaphor highlighted the Donut as a living organism, symbolizing its vitality through the emergence of connections and relationships.

Interactive Amsterdam Donut Day opening at the Green Hub

Donut & Youth

This year, the youth enthusiastically became active participants in Amsterdam Donut Day as well. They engaged in collaborative efforts, sharing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to impact the way we look at the implementation of doughnut economics. The inclusion of the younger generation added a dynamic energy to the Amsterdam Donut Day, emphasizing the broad and diverse community commitment to shaping a sustainable and equitable future.

Donut & Youth; creating a new world

Results and Future Endeavours

These highlighted instances provide just a glimpse into the numerous Donut sessions that unfolded on the 13th of November. We invite you to explore this Amsterdam Donut Day Document, offering insights into the day's happenings, opportunities for participation, and a comprehensive record of the agreements made. Join us in reflecting on our progress a year from now.

Get Involved

The Amsterdam Donut Coalition continues to grow, and we invite you to join us in our mission to make Amsterdam more beautiful. Contact our project leaders or initiate your own project—let's work together to create positive change!

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