Anthropocene- A song of Caveat and Hope

I wrote this poem a year ago in a fit of pique of despair at the elected leaders soundbites...

I wrote this poem a year ago in a fit of pique of despair at the elected leaders soundbites...not being able to see the bigger picture that we belong to a whole and interconnectedness and through the loss of that picture, is what is bringing us to an existential threat...

I have shared my poem along with the donut economy graphic on a couple of platforms I belonged to such as Rebel wisdom subscriber digital campfire and currently Charles Eisenstein's community "New and Ancient Story" to bring awareness of the Doughnut model and ignite conversation.

Anthropocene- A song of Caveat and Hope

As the calving of the ice

plummets into the rising seas

There lies dormant in the permafrost

Perhaps something more deadly than Covid19

Our infractions and exploitations of the natural habitat

has caused the loss of wildlife

We may have unintentionally

Unleashed more zoonotic dis-ease

Upsetting Mother nature’s auto- immunity

Which is encoded within

Gaia the goddess of the earth

Nature’s defence mechanism to protect

Her biosphere of which she has sovereignty

As our leaders blind again to their own hubris;

Call it out as an act of war

In case we shall not learn from this

Are we declaring an un-triumphable

Repetition- compulsion nightmare beyond the tipping point?

No, not unless we collectively remember

That we too are mother nature’s lost children, the tribe of Homo sapiens

Long ago she has taught us we can thrive through co-existence

Alongside as part of nature we learned to live courageously,

And we can still evolve much further

To raise all from levels of mere subsistence

With love, kindness and compassion

To rebuild again economically

An environmental and socially just society

That has got to be our main mission

This revolution has quietly begun

A visionary plan devised by Kate Raworth a don

From the university of Oxford, an economist is she

The framework is contained within a Doughnut you shall see

The environmental ceiling boundaried by the outer circle

To keep track of Earth’s life supporting systems

So as to not to deplete the precious resources

whom we share in all our fate

And enshrined within the doughnut’s inner circle

The social foundation that is designed

To keep accountability to not shortfall

The social equity for all its’ denizens

And Amsterdam is the first city to adopt this new economy

For her post-Covid19 recovery

This is a new map to sustainable living, a rich alternative

To the upward unsustainable growth trajectory

That measures the GDP as if earth were a factory

To create a new paradigm for our planet

Dare we dream a new myth for the age of the Anthropocene?

Now that the might of a novel Corona V.

Has finally stopped us in our tracks

Can we stop the calving of the ice

Plummeting into the rising sea?

As there lies dormant in the permafrost

Perhaps something far deadlier than Covid19

Kei Iino

May 17th 2020




    Désiré Leijs

    Abcoude, Utrecht, The Netherlands

    I'm very interested in helping communities, organizations and companies alligning their work more according to Doughnut principles


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