Community-Led Climate and Economic Resilience

In order to address Climate Change communities must be supported to lead and implement solutions.

As a social enterprise ILE Strategies (ILE Consulting Group) offers services that strengthen social change leaders, equipping them with the tools to lead high-performing, innovative organizations that can address important challenges such as climate change, rapid urbanization rural areas and youth unemployment. 

We founded the ILE Impact Fellowship to expand similar opportunities for young leaders in emerging economies, particularly in Africa and the Caribbean.  This Fellowship aligns with the principles of Doughnut Economics in that we are empowering traditionally under heard, unseen voices in addressing the environmental, economic and social impacts of industry. 


Mujuzi Patrick, Kampala, Uganda (join us Saturday Jan 28, 2023 for a discussion with Patrick on Linkedin Live: 

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Mujuzi Patrick‘s passion for music led him to a group of youth in Kamwokya, a slum in Kampala, Uganda. In the shadow of a luxury mall, Kamwokya is a community of vibrant young people, who’s talents are largely untapped. Patrick launched Ghetto Research Lab to harness the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Kamwokya youth to design solutions to pressing issues such as climate change, sanitation, education and economic opportunity. ILE Impact Fellowship has teamed up with Ghetto Research Lab, an award-winning organization. to support efforts around capacity building and fund development. We are thrilled to be part of the GRL community.


Nandyowa JoanitaKampala, Uganda

Nandyowa is a dynamic thinker and doer committed to fostering self-reliance among young Ugandans.

Supported by ILE Impact Fellowship she coaches other NGO leaders with strategic planning and technical assistance. She is currently advising Ghetto Research Lab on their community sustainability and climate change resilience initiatives in the slum known as Kamwokya in Kampala,Uganda.

Nandyowa is also co-founder of Kusima, an NGO that trains girls in manufacturing feminine hygiene products, unaffordable to many women globally.

Entrepreneurial at heart, Nandyowa is a Media Consultant for the premiere African Diaspora channel Kenganda. 

“My vision is to support young Ugandans in being economically self-sufficient.” – Nandyowa Joanita 


Working beyond the US borders, our global initiative, the ILE Impact Fellowship program, supports young leaders in Africa and the Caribbean working on climate and economic resilience in their region. These future-focused leaders shape an agenda for their community and we help them build capacity with technical assistance, training and funding. 

Lucy Filbety  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

“The farmers in my community work too hard for such small returns” remarked Lucy Filbety during our first meeting with her. Concerned about economic resilience in her community, Lucy is applying her education and experience in in accounting and finance to support the development of business cooperatives among micro enterprises. She is particularly focused on the challenges faced by farmers in the Temeke district of Dar Es Salem, Tanzania. Her fellowship with ILE Strategies supports her in developing tools and resources for her work with businesses in her community. 

Alli Faiza, Zombo, Uganda

Alli Faiza is a budding development economist and who joined the ILE Impact Fellowship in Fall 2022 to create economic opportunities in Zombo, Uganda. Prior to joining the ILE family, Faiza served as a student  volunteer and with Brac Uganda, Makerere University and MasterCard Foundation at Makerere. She enjoys researching data on the latest trends and synthesizing this information to help community and business leaders make informed decisions. 

Alengokuma farmers production Group (ALEPRO) is a body that brings together rural farmers
from Zombo district to promote their social economic transformation through value addition,
environmental sustainability and increase productivity. They achieve this by practicing climate
smart agriculture, value addition, finding markets, providing better storge and increasing
productivity of rural farmers.

ALEPRO prioritizes environmental conservation and sustainability through The Smart Climate
Agriculture. We believe without the environment, agriculture cannot thrive. Therefore, we
promote environmentally friendly farming practices which include but not limited to; mixed
farming, mulching, contour ploughing, natural fertilizer application, use latest technology in
predicting weather and prices of goods.
To promote food security and improve productivity of rural farmers in Zombo district, ALEPRO
adds value to crops such as cereal, legumes cassava roots, in making different flour products
from maize, rice, amaranth seeds, soya, millet.

 If young leaders and their organizations thrive, communities can adapt, endure and thrive as well. – ILE Strategies 

In addition to an experiential learning experience, the program works with each participating leader over the course of a year to foster their professional growth and the advancement of key capabilities within their organizations. 

ILE Strategies supports the NGO with building capacity in the areas of research, organizational management, fund development and community engagement, data collection and analysis.

In addition to building organizational capacity, the fellowship aims to identify and fill gaps in research on community needs, organizational challenges and best practices. The products of this research and curriculum development, including findings, assessment tools, videos, cases, and instructional technology tools, will be made freely available to the world.

This approach is designed to help unlock the full potential and optimize the performance of organizations lead by young leaders in emerging economies. 






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