Degrowth and Doughnut Economics: A Documentary

A video exploration of how degrowth and doughnut economics seek to build a sustainable and inclusive future.

In the spring of 2022, I completed a film documentary titled "Code Red: An Exploration of Degrowth Economics" for my undergraduate thesis at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

The project features scholars, journalists, and activists from North America and Europe discussing alternative economic practices, with perspectives from degrowth, green growth, and doughnut economics. Watch the 30-minute video below!

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Topics, such as endless growth (explained by David Pilling of the Financial Times) and doughnut economics (Andrew Fanning at DEAL), are introduced and debated on the merits of feasibility and sustainability in the modern world.

Degrowth economics as a concept is examined by its supporters (with an in-depth interview with Timothée Parrique) and its critics (Green New Deal architect Robert Pollin). 

I hope to continue this project on a more professional level in the future and complete a full feature film that dives into this intriguing concept of degrowth and doughnut economics. Stay tuned!




    Brian Dowling

    Hacienda Heights, California, United States of America

    Interest in applying Systems Thinking and Complex Adaptive Systems through heterodox economics.

    Rieta Aliredjo

    Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

    The doughnut is the goal we all can aspire to. Here is where we can help each other do that. Let's inspire and get inspired.

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    Greg Apodaca 10 months ago

    Nice work Declan! Let's work together to implement Doughnut concepts and tools in the greater L.A.  area. I may have some contacts that can help with your film project. Contact me, Greg Apodaca, if you're interested at or at  626-437-6735.

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