Environmental assessment in France

The Government of France takes a Doughnut approach to environmental assessment

In 2019 the Government of France published its annual assessment of the state of the environment in France, and structured the assessment around planetary boundaries and the Doughnut. This is the first known national governmental assessment to use the Doughnut as a core analytical framework.

Read the full report (in French).




    Elisabeth Whitehead

    Berlin, Deutschland

    Lifelong concern for the earth's resources / une préoccupation permanente pour les ressources de la terre

    Jean Girard-Arsenault

    Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

    This lab seems as a very good model to work for for optimal happiness and optimal ecological footprint.

    Jaap van den Langenberg

    Nijmegen, Gelderland, Nederland

    I'm looking for a contact/information how to put the Donut in practice and make it applicable for the Province of Gelderland.

    Paul Nunn

    Norwich, England, United Kingdom

    Hope for accelerated transformation in spite of paralysis in government policy making

    Bruna Iotti

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Bruna thoroughly disputes that the profit motive is the only success factor worth measuring, and points to the environmental degra

    Juan Sebastian Rubiano Chona

    Bogotá, Distrito Capital de Bogotá, Colombia

    I'm currently working on a startup and sustainability is part of its core, I believe that Doughnut Economics is the way to go.

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    Cristobal Blanco Garcia over 3 years ago

    Fantastic Story

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