Exploring Tipping Points

A concise summary of discussions at the Tipping Points Conference at Exeter University, September 2022

Researchers, policy analysts, civil activists and civil society representatives gathered at a conference in Exeter, 12-14 September, to discuss the prospect of “tipping points” in a warming world.

Over three days at the University of Exeter, the conference - co-hosted by Tim Lenton, Johan Rockstrom and others - aimed to both improve “warnings of the imminent risks of catastrophic climate tipping points” and accelerate “positive tipping points” to trigger “rapid and transformative solutions” to climate change.

In the session on 'positive' (desirable) social tipping points, Kate Raworth presented the ongoing work of Doughnut Economics Action Lab, and how the DEAL Team and Community work to amplify reinforcing feedbacks of inspiration and action, in the face of resistance from inherited systems and prevailing vested interests.

Carbon Brief wrote a comprehensive summary of the plenary discussions, providing links to many of the people, papers and issues discussed.

You can also learn more and watch back some of the sessions at the Tipping Points conference website




    Emi Imai

    Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom

    I would like to downscale DE in Middlesbrough. Seeking advice and allies from DEAL & would like to contribute too

    Eva Marina Valencia Leñero

    Mexico City, Mexico

    Building sustainability transitions, by downscaling the doughnut with new methodological tools and implementation projects.

    William Ferguson

    Exeter, England, United Kingdom

    I'm tired of everyone knowing what the crises are, and no one doing enough to stop them; just because they can't profit off it.

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    Jane Fiona Cumming over 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for covering and the fantastic visual minutes.  These are such pressing issues that I was really inspired to learn about positve tipping points and Kate/DEAL opening session - thank you.

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